Call Centre Telephony

Call Centre Telephony

Call Centre Telephony

Travel service providers operating a call centre need a telephone system that has highly sophisticated functionality that links into the travel technology platform. Unfortunately, most legacy telephone systems do charge extortionate rates for any type of reporting or data extraction. Once you have paid an arm and a leg for the licences needed to integrate your telephone system with your travel software platform, your systems provider will charge you the other arm and leg to write customised scripts to feed in and process data from the telephone system.

Well the age of ripping of travel organisers is over. We have a cost effective solution.

Our bespoke telephone system is designed for call centres and integrates perfectly with our travel software platform. And we don’t charge extra for the reporting! Most importantly, our telephone system costs a fraction of the price of telephone system from the leading brand names such as Mitel, Nortel, AVAYA, Cisco and Panasonic. And the low price does not mean the feature list os compromised!

Calling from Skype and Facebook

Our telephone system allows you to use ISDN lines, analogue lines and VOIP based SIP trunks. Our system also works with various online platforms such as Skype and Facebook. This means that your customer can call you from Skype, Facebook, or even a voice web chat function on your website.

Customer Management

When a call comes in, and provided we have implemented all the functionality of our travel software platform, you will be able to identify which product your customer is calling for, any activity the customer has had on your website and the marketing initiative that provided the lead. When repeat customers call, you will instantly see their history with your company and any recent activity they have had on your website. This rich data provides sales consultants valuable insights into the clients requirements and profile.

Use it anywhere in the world

Using VOIP, you can be a part of the call centre where ever you are in the world. Using a laptop, smartphone app or VOIP phone, your internal extension is accessible from anywhere in the world. You can receive internal and external calls, transfer external calls to internal users and vice versa as well as make calls internal and external calls. This allows everyone to be in the office all of the time- should they choose to be!

Auto attendant

The IVR or auto-attendant as it is sometimes called, allows your callers to “press 1 for sales” or “press 2 for support”. Using our convenient web based interface, internal administrators can easily set up basic or more complex voice menu’s to help callers to the right destination. The auto attendant will automatically route the calls to the group(s) defined by you, allowing your team to answer the call wherever they are in the world.


Every user will get a complete voicemail package as standard. It includes multiple delivery options for voicemail messages; telephone access using a voice menu; automated e-mail delivery with attachment or web based accessibility. The system also allows users to organize voicemail messages in multiple folders for easy retrieval. The telephone handset will alert users immediately when a new voicemail message arrives.

Call Recording

The days of “he said- she said” are over. Every incoming and outgoing call is automatically recorded. Where there is a client booking or quote, the call recording will automatically link to this record allowing ease of searching and retrieval. Use call recording to resolve disputes and also to enhance training within your call centre.

Manage incoming calls with answering rules

The platform offers you complete control over incoming calls and faxes, based on rules defined by the client. Using a simple control centre, you can define call routing for different times of day, types of callers, number dialled or even individual callers. If a caller is queuing for a long time, they will be told the approximate waiting time and have the option to continue holding or call back. If they call back, the system will recognise their number as having queued earlier, and they will be given an automatic priority status in the queue.


The platform allows users to easily set up a conference with internal users, or invite external people to join a conference. The web based interface lets users easily control the conference. The number of participants is unlimited.

Call queues

Call queues help you to easily create professional sounding waiting lines for incoming calls. Control how your calls are distributed to the agents and announce waiting position and holding times to the caller. Our web interface allows you to create an unlimited number of call queues and, if you want, control them in every detail to ensure efficient management of your incoming calls.

Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing allows you to easily control the flow of inbound and outbound calls. Additionally, you can provide backup routes in case a certain line goes down. Using inbound routing you can help send callers to the correct destination based on the number they called or their own caller ID. For example, the system can route known customers directly to their contact person in the company, avoiding long waiting times whilst maintaining a professional image. Using the sophisticated functionality of our travel software and the advanced feature of our telephone system, you can allow priority customers to jump the queue and route calls based on product or destination to specialist sales consultants.

Integrated fax server

Your incoming faxes are automatically converted to PDF documents and mailed to your mailbox. You can also access all your received faxes using the web based interface, maintaining a complete and easy overview of your fax messages.

Music on hold

While your customers are waiting, provide them some music. It’s as easy as uploading an MP3 file using the web administration interface. You can upload as many files as you like and whenever a caller is put on hold, is alone in a conference room or waiting in a queue – the music or your corporate message will automatically start playing. You can play different sound files dependent on the specific caller and even allow the caller to choose the music they wish to listen to. We also have a wide selection of preloaded sound tracks which you can choose to use.

Call waiting and call parking

Call waiting allows you to receive an indication when a second line comes in and optionally pick it up. If you are switching to a different desk, or trying to transfer a call to someone who is busy you can simply park the call using your phone for easy retrieval.

Attended transfer

When transferring a call on to another person, it is common to speak with them prior to connecting the customer. You might want to consult with them or let them know who you are transferring and why.

Blind transfer

In some situations, you might want to transfer your caller on to a colleague or third party without waiting for the colleague to answer. This is a called a blind transfer. Both blind transfers and attended transfers can be done using either external telephone numbers or to internal extensions.

Caller ID

We provide inbound caller ID display as well as the facility to show or hide your caller ID on outbound calls. You can show or hide your caller ID globally or on a call by call basis. We can even display an alternative caller ID, so long as you can verify ownership of the number in question. With inbound caller ID, we will present the caller ID of the original calling party, regardless of if the call has been forwarded.

Line display name

Line display name is a key feature if you want to find out which number a call has arrived on. Many of our customers choose to have different numbers for different divisions. So if someone dials the number for the sales department, you will be able to see that the caller has called the sales number before answering the phone.


If you have multiple brands or departments, you will probably use different numbers. When a caller calls you, you will hear the name of the brand or department when you pick up the phone and before the call is connected to you.

Our whisper facility allows you to define a recording to be played when a call is connected to you. You specify the recording on each of your numbers – so you’ll always know where the call came from. Only you hear the whispered recording. Your caller continues to hear ringing while the short audio file is played to you.

Call forwarding

You can auto forward any call to any destination of your choice. This could be:

A VoIP phone
A UK landline
A UK mobile
An overseas landline or mobile
Our forwarding system is very flexible and forwarding can be defined for all calls, or only calls that don’t get answered after a certain amount of time.

You can create multiple forwarding rules to keep attempting to forward the call to different places in order to connect a call. You can even forward to multiple destinations at the same time.

Hunt groups

With our routing wizard in your control panel, you can set up hunt groups to ring an incoming call on multiple phones at the same time. Wherever the call is picked up first, it gets connected. VoIP can really add flexibility to this more traditional feature, allowing you to define hunt groups across multiple locations – so anyone in your organisation can answer a call; whether they are working from the office, from home or anywhere else in the world that they have an Internet connection.

Multi route

Multi route allows you to forward your number to multiple destinations at the same time. Multi route is similar to hunt groups, except you can also include external mobile or landline numbers as well as your IP phone. With multi route, for example, you can have your incoming call ring on your IP telephone, your landline and your mobile at the same time. That way you can pick the call up wherever you are.

Messaging while routing

You can take advantage of the ability to upload an introductory audio message to play to your callers prior to a call being connected. Doing so gives your caller the reassurance that they’ve called the right number. You can also configure music to play while they are waiting for their call to be answered.

Dial using your address book

Our phone system integrates with a number of third party email and contact manager software providers such as Outlook and Groupwise. It also integrates with our travel software. You can dial directly from your contacts list or from the client record to avoid having to re-key a number.

Time of day routing

You can define a special routing plan that executes when your business is closed, or at different times of the day. You specify the routing you want, and the times, and the system does the rest. You can either set the system to forward the call, or perhaps just play an out of hours message.