Call Centre Telephony

Call Centre Telephony

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Business Intelligence

The back office system holds data that can provide travel organisers with significant competitive advantage if used intelligently. Because the back office platform knows exactly when a client first looked at your website, made an initial enquiry and then finally booked, the system can auto generate marketing emails in the future based on historical trends. So, your clients will receive communication via email, text message or social media with offers within a similar category to what they had previously booked at about the time they are likely to start looking into organising their travel itinerary.

The back office system will also alert sales consultants about key events such as client birthdays, anniversaries and key booking dates to allow them to make contact with clients and enhance the client relationship. These processes can also be automated, so that, for example, if a client booked a honeymoon last year, they will be sent a happy anniversary message on Facebook this year.