Client Self Service

Client Self Service

Client Self Service

As technology has evolved, travellers have become used to self management functionality from their travel providers. Client self management reduces the human resource burden on travel organisers and allows technology to do the work previously undertaken by humans. Our travel platform has been designed to allow as many tasks as possible to be completed by the client and thus reduce the need for after sales calls.

The self management functions become available to clients from the moment a quote has been created for them- either through the call centre, in a retail outlet or on the web.

Confirming a booking

If a client has had a quotation, this will be accessible from the my booking page. The client can confirm the booking and pay their deposit or the full balance where required. If the time limits for the quote have expired, the system can recheck flight/hotel availability and provide them with updated pricing.

Balance payments

Clients can pay their balances either before the due date or on the due date. The system will remind clients of balance payments that are due by email and text message multiple times prior to the due date.


When a client comes to the my booking page, they will be presented with options for all or some of the following items as applicable to the destination they are travelling to:

Car Hire
Airport parking
Airport hotels
Airport transfers

Before a client can make their payment, they will first be presented with pricing and availability for these extras and will have the option of adding these items to their itinerary. This allows travel organisers to make additional revenue from existing clients.


Clients will be able to upgrade their class of travel on flights, upgrade room types and meal plans at hotels and upgrade car types. The system will calculate the cost of the upgrade, any change fees that are applicable and the gross profit margin that needs to be applied. Clients will then be able to make and pay for the upgrade online.


The system will calculate whether changes are allowed for their travel product, and if so what the costs of the change are. The system will check availability for the change and present the change fees together with any additional charges that may be relevant for the change. This functionality works for flights, hotels, car hire, tours and excursions.


Users will be able to cancel any item on their itinerary online. Cancellation charges levied by suppliers as well as charges from the agent or operator will be applied and presented to the client. The client will be sent an email for validation purposes to confirm the cancellation, and will have to reply to the email to confirm the cancellation.

Online check in, seat selection and live flight status

For airlines that provide these services, users will be able to click on a link on proceed straight to the relevant section of the third party website. Depending on the GDS your company uses, some of these functions can be completed by your client on your website without being transferred to third party sites.

E-tickets, Vouchers, Invoices and other Client Documentation

Clients will no longer need to call you to request replacement documentation. Any item of documentation that has been issued by the system will be available for the client to access in the self management module. Clients will be able to print of e-tickets, hotel vouchers, itineraries and confirmation invoices branded on with your corporate identity and in the formats defined by you.

ATOL Certificates

ATOL certificates are available for your clients to view and download at anytime after the booking confirmation has been issued.