Consumer Facing

Consumer Facing

Consumer Facing

The front end functionality required will be defined by the tour operator. Options range from a purely static, content based front end to a fully automated live booking environment.

Static Front End

A static front end website will allow the tour operator to display content and information about products on offer and sample prices based on fixed criteria. Tour operators offering niche products or highly complex itineraries may prefer this option where it is essential for the client to talk to an experienced consultant.

Static Package Builder

A static package builder is effectively a dynamic brochure. The benefits of this approach include always displaying the lowest pricing for any itinerary regardless of current availability or pricing. This model allows customers to get an idea of pricing, and encourages them to call before booking on a live booking site that will invariably have higher prices because they are based on live availability.

Live Dynamic Booking Functionality

This model will allow the tour operator to display live prices of both directly contracted products and products through third part XML feeds. Customers will be able to tailor every element of their itinerary online and complete the booking and payment functions as well.