Go Live Tomorrow- Instant Front End and Back Office Solution

Whilst many of our clients opt for a fully customised solution, we know that some clients just want something out of the box. Out of the box sometimes means compromising on quality. Fortunately, with Trip Manager by Xencra, out of the box means a fully comprehensive travel technology platform with all the functionality you demand.

The best feature of our platform is that it has been designed to be scalable and customisable. That means even if you start with the “off the shelf” solution today, you can still choose to customise it later. And our instant access solution is in no way a limited solution.

With our instant package you can have all the benefits of our travel technology platform and go live tomorrow. We provide you with:

  1. Website
  2. Booking engine for flights, hotels, car hire, cruise, package holidays and Holiday Extras
  3. Content Manager
  4. Back Office Management System
  5. Hotel and Flight Rates Management Module
  6. Back Office Reservation System
  7. All the features listed under the product section of this site
  8. Access to all the XML suppliers featured on the platform

 3 users + Website     £499/month

Additional users        £99/month


We can customise as little or as much as you like and our charges for customisation are very reasonable.

 Website Template Choices

We have 3 website templates for you to choose from. Our instant package includes basic branding for the site including logo and website colour changes. If you require one of the templates to be adapted, we can organise this for a very reasonable price. You can of course your own designs which we plug into our backend or we can provide fully customised designs to meet your specific requirements.