Haj and Umra

Haj and Umra

Haj and Umra

The journey of a lifetime should be accompanied by systems that are equally life changing. A bog standard travel management system might do the job for you, but at Xencra we believe every niche businesses within the travel sector should have tools to help streamline their business and improve efficiency. Trip Manager by Xencra is used by multiple Haj and Umra operators across the world. There are bespoke functions that are designed specifically for Tour Operators that offer both group and individual tailor made pilgrimage packages.

Visa Processing

Getting a visa for Haj or Umra is not as straightforward as submitting a passport at the local Saudi Embassy. The Haj and Umra visa process requires the operator to load passport details and passport photographs into the MOFA system, wait for an e-number. Once the e-number has been received, the operator must the re-enter all the same information onto a visa application form. This process is laborious and time consuming.

Xencra have developed a tool that can save a lot of valuable time and that automates most of the visa application process. The process works as follows:

1. Enter passenger passport information for all passengers
2. Upload photo and resize on the Xencra system
3. Submit
4. The system will then send the details to MOFA, obtain the mofa number and print the completed visa application form complete with photo and e- number.

It can take as little as 30 seconds. To see how this works, watch our video:

Tailor Made

Organising pilgrimage packages to Makkah and Medina is a much more involved task then organising a simple package holiday. For a start every itinerary will have a minimum of 2 destinations and hotels. Many people travelling to haj and umra also like to combine additional destinations with their pilgrimage which can mean adding a third and fourth destination to the itinerary. In addition to organising multiple hotels, umra and haj operators have to organise ground transportation, local representation and excursions to local places of religious and historical interest.

Our platform has been designed to make the process of organising Umra and Haj easy. We can even provide the web functionality that will allow your customers can tailor make their umra and haj package online. Consumers will be able to choose flights into Medina and out of Jeddah, hotels in Makkah, Medina and Jeddah and any other optional extras that you offer.

Managing Groups

We provide a range of functions that make managing groups simple. The system allows you to assign tasks to tour guides and representatives, track pilgrim movement, view passenger manifests, issue ID tags and luggage tags for each pilgrim and build detailed itineraries and optional extras that are publically accessible by group members. The system can store vaccination records, visa details, next of kin information and a lot more.