Hotel management

Hotel management

Hotel management and booking module

The days where hotels operated a standard published set of rates are long gone. Today hotels will have hundreds of different rates for the same time period. From exclusive rates to specific tour operators to special rates for members of certain loyalty programmes, travel organisers must ensure they have all the information enabling them to offer the best deal to their clients. Failing to do this can result in loosing the client.

Our hotels module has been designed to address all the challenges faced by travel organisers when booking and organising hotel stays.

Rack rates

Our travel platform is able to provide rack rates at all the hotels featured within your GDS. Using the XML link, the system obtains pricing and availability and allows travel organisers to book the GDS hotel from within the Trip Manager platform. Our system also integrated with hotel booking engines such as Pegasus that provide rack rates at over 50,000 hotels worldwide. Many international hotel groups such as Hilton, Starwood, Accor and IHG provide XML feeds for rack rates at all hotels within their group, and our system interfaces with all of them.

FIT and Room only contracts, allotments and offers

Tour Operators and DMC’s will know how complex the rules can be with some hotel rate contracts. They will testify to the fact that the smallest mistakes can cost dearly and that getting rates right all of the time is one the biggest challenges they face.

We understand this, and as a result, the rates management module is probably the most comprehensive hotel rates management module in the world. And we are not boasting about this lightly. As former tour operators ourselves, we have not only developed the system to cater for and calculate every known category of offer but also considered offers that hoteliers could theoretically offer but have not yet done so. The system can calculate any available and applicable offer at a hotel and will provide all the different options available. Price differentials as a result of multiple applicable offers are clearly explained.

The system handles allocation, free sales and stop sales and allows for the automated creation of package holiday offers. Hotels can be given direct access to the system to input rates, manage allocations and load ad-hoc fire sales.

Destination Management Companies can load rates for multiple markets and exclusive rates even negotiated for individual tour operators. Master allocation can be sub allocated by DMCs to individual tour operator clients.

XML Bed banks

With thousands of bed banks operating across the world, sometimes you may not have the best deal at a hotel your client needs to stay at. Our hotel management module has been designed to integrate with multiple bed banks who offer XML availability and inventory feeds. Rates for the same hotel from multiple bed banks at the same hotel are grouped and presented together. If you have negotiated rates at hotels, these will be presented alongside the rates for the hotel from the different bed banks.

Our system will also report back on any bed bank offering same hotel, room type and meal plan cheaper than the rates you have been given by the same hotel. This information is particularly useful when negotiating contracts, exclusives override agreements with hotels.

All content can appear alongside any contracted rates. If any 3rd part supplier presents a rate cheaper than a contracted rate within the system, an automatic alert will be generated to inform the company so that they can renegotiate rates on their contract.

Hotel content

Hotel content and images are important as the rates when selling. Our platform stores and maintains content and images for all your chosem hotels. Tour operators will have the option of displaying their own hotel content for hotels that come through XML suppliers, or if they prefer, they will be able to display the content provided by their supplier.

Hotels can have categories assigned to them such as Sauna, Executive Lounge, Gym, Swimming Pool and Business Centre which makes searching for the right hotel more efficient. Room types can also have categories assigned to them such as in room wifi, mini bar, tea and coffee machine, alarm clock etc- again making searching for the right room type more efficient. Any hotels stored in the content management system can also be associated with other “hotels of interest” in the same destinations or different destinations. This allows travel organisers to suggest alternatives if rooms at the client’s preferred hotel is not available. It also allows automated offers for hotels in different destinations to be generated to the client.

XML Output

Any travel organiser that wishes to offer its negotiated rates, content and inventory to its customers via an XML feed can do so with ease using the Trip Manager platform. We provide all the documentation and support to your customers who are looking to feed in your rates, content and availability into their system. Your customers will be able use the XML feed to check rates and availability and book hotels as well as provide this functionality to their clients over their website. Any bookings made will instantly update in your own system, and allocation levels changed accordingly.