Your products and deals are only as good as the number of people that know about them. A travel technology solution should not just be a resource to quote, book and store data about bookings and customers. A travel technology platform should start working for you at the promotion and marketing stage. Our travel technology platform has been built to make marketing easy.

    Google and Pay Per Clock

    Manage your Google Pay Per Click campaigns with our travel technology platform. Ensure the latest offers are promoted within your Adwords promotions and that your advert links directly to the relevant page on your website. The days of manually preparing your Adwords campaign will be a distant memory with our system functionality.

    Price Comparison Sites

    We know how powerful price comparison sites can be in generating sales. Meta search sites like Travel Supermarket require a feed which provides them with prices and availability for travel itineraries requested by their users. Our travel technology platform already provides feeds to all the leading meta search and price comparison sites in the data structures they require. Our highly efficient technology also returns results to these sites much faster than most other companies and as a result, our clients see their process appearing on the comparison sites long before their competitors.

    Facebook and Social Media

    Sending out deals on social media platforms like Facebook comes literally at the touch of a button with Xencra. Simply choose the offer you want to promote, add your message and send through on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.