Business Travel

Business Travel

Business Travellers are becoming more frugal after 5 years of austerity. It is no longer possible for Travel Management Companies to sell rack rates at hotels and full published fares on flights all the time. Whilst these products still have a place, some business travellers now choose to stay at hotels offering discounted rates and fly with low cost airlines or on restricted discounted premium class scheduled flight tickets. Cutting edge technology is now required by travel management companies not only to offer the requisite complex reporting and accounting functionality, but also that searches for multiple differing pricing options and offers sophisticated customer facing interaction. Our travel technology platform provides all the expected functionality of traditional legacy systems with the added advantage of modules that cater for the evolving nature of business travel.

  • CRM & Booking Management

    CRM & Booking Management

    The back office system is where travel technology began many decades ago and remains at the core of

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  • Flights


    Air Travel is evolving, and a GDS on its own is no longer sufficient to be able to cater to the needs of

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  • Hotel Rates Management

    Hotel Rates Management

    The days where hotels operated a standard published set of rates are long gone. Today hotels will have hundreds

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  • Automated Booking

    Automated Booking

    Most Tour Operators and DMCs that hold allocation at hotels will sell and report to the hotel, provided they

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  • Tours & Excursions

    Tours & Excursions

    Tours and excursions are an essential part of the DMC business model and a great source of additional revenue

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  • Car Hire

    Car Hire

    Car hire is now available to travel organizers through brokers, the GDS and direct accounts with

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  • Package Holidays

    Package Holidays

    10 years ago, some were predicating the death of the humble package holiday. 5 years ago, dynamic packaging

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  • Quotation and booking system

    Quotation and booking system

    Reservations staff are on the front line of the organisation and the people responsible for generating income for

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  • Client Self Service

    Client Self Service

    As technology has evolved, travellers have become used to self management functionality from their travel providers.

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  • Consumer Facing

    Consumer Facing

    Consumer Facing The front end functionality required will be defined by the tour operator. Options range from a

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  • Statistics


    Travel services providers need technology for much more than creating and managing travel

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  • Call Centre Telephony

    Call Centre Telephony

    Travel service providers operating a call centre need a telephone system that has highly sophisticated functionality

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