Quotation and booking system

Quotation and booking system

Quotation and booking system

Reservations staff are on the front line of the organisation and the people responsible for generating income for the organisation. Ensuring they have the right tools at their disposal should be at the core of every travel provider’s strategy. Our point and click system is designed to make the process of searching and booking travel products easy. It is also designed to capture as much useful data about your clients as possible enabling you to target them more effectively and maximise the profit per sale.

Flight searching

Using the functionality from the flight module, reservations staff can search and book flights from scheduled airlines, low cost and charter carriers. The flight system caches all data from searches both by the public and by internal users to speed up search times and to allow for greater efficiency.

Users can see cheaper fares available on a grid system for alternate dates, as well as validates fares against PNRs that have already been booked. Once flights are booked, they are added to the itinerary. For PNRs booked with option dates, the system will set an alert for the option date where GDS integration is not used. For travel organisers using our GDS integration, PNRs will auto cancel when the option date has passed.


Users will be able to search and book hotels from both contracted rates, 3rd party bed banks and hotel published rack rates. All applicable offers for hotels searched will be displayed together with room availability status. The platform will can auto suggest the cheapest room combinations for the number of people, or allow the user to define the number of rooms required. The reservations agent will then be able to select the most relevant offer and rooming options for the needs of their client.

Where the hotel is being booked on request, the system will auto generate an email and send the request to the supplier. The supplier will then have the ability to confirm the request either by return email or by logging into the system using their dedicated access credentials. Any emails sent and received in this way will be attached to the booking profile, allowing any member of staff to access all the information and communication relevant to the booking.

Other Products

Reservations agents will be able to add any other product to the itinerary for which rates have been loaded into the system. This will included car hire, insurance, transfers, tours and excursions.