Statistics and Business Intelligence

Travel services providers need technology for much more than creating and managing travel itineraries. Statistics and data relating to marketing, return on investment, conversions, call ratios, product sales data, sales data, consultant performance and client activity on your website are all critical in defining and adapting strategy for business success. This is an area where many travel technology platforms fail. Fortunately, ours is not one of them.

Pay Per Click

It is no secret that travel related keywords on pay per click are amongst the most expensive on search engines. There is also no argument over the fact that pay per click generates visitors to your website. The problem for most travel companies is that pay per click is not managed efficiently. Often, vast amounts of money are spent on key words that may result in traffic, but that fail to generate sales. Our travel platform allows you to report on which pay per click search terms actually generate sales in addition to click cost to gross profit ratios for every search term. For many travel companies, this information allow more targeted PPC campaigns which result in a huge increase in net profits.

Marketing Statistics

Identifying the return per pound spent on marketing allows travel service providers to determine which campaigns are successful and which ones are not. Our platform allows you to track client activity from the moment they first land on your website. Our software will allow you to determine which marketing activity resulted in an individual coming to your website, what products they looked at online and whether they proceeded any further. Our data allows you to identify marketing conversion rates for:

Campaign to website
Campaign to phone call
Campaign to sale
Lead time from first contact to sale by marketing campaign
Profit per pound spent by marketing campaign

This data helps travel service providers more effectively select the most profitable marketing platforms, determine best timing for campaigns and identify which products to promote during different seasons.

Sales Consultant Statistics

Every sales consultant will have their strengths and weakness. Our software allows you to determine which marketing campaigns, products and types of customer convert into sales, and also which sales consultants do best with which type of lead. This information can be used to deliver training to enhance gaps in ability or knowledge and can also be used to route enquiries to the sales consultant most likely to convert an enquiry into a sale.

Our travel platform will report on consultant sales by date, destination, specific product and much more. You will be able to instantly generate consultant efficiency statistics, conversion statistics by consultant and consultant error reports. Where you operate multiple teams, you will be able to generate similar reports per team to identify significant gaps in performance between different departments.

Product Statistics

Investing in promoting the products that do well not only helps travel service providers increase sales for that particular product, but it also allows them to learn about why some products do better than others. This information can often be used to improve sales of products that don’t do so well. Our travel platforms allows you to report on product sales by destination, season, sales consultant, marketing initiative, type of customer, customer location, and any other field of data that is held within the system.