Who We Are


We are a group of IT experts that have a background working in tour operating and travel management. We understand the travel business from the perspective of travellers and travel providers. Unlike most IT professionals that focus on technology and expect their clients to work around the limitations of the software provided, we have designed our travel platform to work around the needs of our clients.

Our expertise lies in the travel industry as much as it does in technology- and that makes us unique amongst travel technology providers.

Our History


The development of our travel management did not just commence with a team of IT professionals- it was started with a lengthy period of consultation with travel industry employees from every department within an organisation


We deployed the system to our first client with 40 staff. The results for our client were instantaneous.


One of the biggest needs of our clients was integration of travel technology with all contact channels- including telephony. Our hosted VOIP based PBX was launched and deployed to a number of our clients providing all of them with an instant reduction in costs and increase in profitability and efficiency.

Job Opportunities

Do you work in technology with the travel industry

With our ever increasing client base, we are constantly on the look out for innovative and creative IT professionals. Our 2 principle requirements are that you have worked in the travel industry and that you are as commercially aware as you are technologically savvy.

If you fit the criteria, then give us a call. We would love to talk to you and we are sure we will be able to lure you across with a very attractive package.

The Best of Professionals



Nothing is set in stone. Every client of ours has a customised solution that meets their needs. They usually come to us after every other technology provider tells them what they are asking for cannot be done!


We understand your organisation and its culture first and then we talk about technology.


We talk the same language as you! Having worked in the front line of the travel industry, we don’t just appreciate the challenges you face- we have faced them to!


There are too many features to list in 5 bullet points so it is probably best you click on a our products link to see all the features and benefits of our system.